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White Room

About Telome audio

Our Company mission is to ensure that you experience sound in its true form.

Every Telome product offers you high output capabilities. Telome products are truly impressive with a high degree of realism. You've got to experience it to believe it. Telome products comprise of only the best quality parts. Our Manufacturing Departments quality control and assembling techniques ensure reliability and long product life.

Our Company was founded in the year 1993 Mumbai, India. Telome is privately held and is headquartered in Mumbai India.

We also tie up with local Architects, Electrical contractors, System Integrators, Dealers and we ensure that the we personally curate wiring layouts, speaker placements and system configurations as per your room design, keeping in mind your music listening or movie watching experience. 

We have an in house AV Consultation and Manufacturing Team that can support you with any special modifications to match your audio/video experience. Our Dealers and Distributors are also competent with AV Solutions.

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